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We’ve all heard it in business school, in sales seminars, even during coaching; yet why is it difficult to take the leap toward success? When it comes to business consistency beats ability. This doesn’t mean be terrible at everything you do and stay terrible; it falls under the unspoken rule that being consistently good is far superior to occasionally being great at something. The same rule applies when you are marketing your brand. If you are consistent with your branding, your message and your channel, by the fifth or sixth touch, your target market will begin to have brand awareness.

No matter which channel you are distributing your message, top of mind marketing is the systematic approach to branding yourself and your business. In this instance, consistency beats ability. Through a systematic approach to marketing, you want to be in front of your target audience before they are ready to make a purchase decision. Your main objective should be to create brand awareness, so by the time they are ready to make a purchase they are already thinking of you or your brand. Unfortunately, most individuals expect to see results immediately after their first or second mailer. Though this could be the case at times, it is an unrealistic expectation.

There are many algorithms out there developed to assist with the prediction of purchase behavior, lead-generating tools, and so on, which are readily available for purchase. With the proper systems in place, some individuals and teams find high-success with their lead-conversion, generating revenue. Though this is a necessary entity in the sales cycle, it is a short-term solution to a long-term problem and takes 10 times the effort to convert these leads into sales. Through this approach to building a pipeline, the moment you stop hammering the phones is the moment your pipeline dries up. This is where Database Marketing is most effective.

Through the systematic approach of Database Marketing you are creating top-of-mind brand awareness. Whatever your industry is, the key objective of this approach is to increase your brand awareness, create warm calls and increase your lead conversion ratio with your past, present and future clients. Remember, as a marketer your goal is to create a demand and fill a need. You want your target market to think of you long before they even consider making a purchase decision. The moment they are ready to make a purchase it maybe too late in the sales cycle. The consumer could potentially already have been pulled in to the algorithms and sold to your competitors; who maybe better at the lead-generation cold calls than you.

Database Marketing with the Top-of-Mind approach has been proven to be far superior to ability, increasing lead-conversion ratios and generating future revenue. No matter which channel you decide to distribute your message, be relevant and most importantly be consistent. Every dollar spent toward marketing is a dollar invested into your business. Marketing for the future.