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Look yourself in the mirror today and ask yourself the following question, “How much do I love myself?” Not in a narcissistic way, but in the way of respect. How much do you respect yourself and those around you? Do you truly love yourself, your colleagues/employees? How about your customers? These are crucial questions to ask yourself each day as you begin your quest to financial freedom. It’s not rocket science, people do business with people they like and respect. In order to receive love, one must first learn to love themselves and love others around them. Not in the peace and love kind of way, but in the essence of truly ‘caring’ of those around you. This is the simple recipe for ‘good karma’ based upon the principal of “give and you shall receive.”

As a consumer, it is relatively transparent who really cares for their customer verses those faking it for the next commission check. The philosophy behind it is simple, from a top down approach, if you are a senior manager, supervisor or even owner of your company; you have the ability to influence your culture or environment. This is the trickle down effect as love is contagious. If your employees or subordinates love you and their workspace, they will not only love the company but will also love your customers. Whether you like it or not, your employees are a reflection of you and your brand.

Love your employees and team members and they will love you and your brand. Take companies like Nordstrom and Umpqua Bank as examples. Their customer retention and loyalty exceeds industry averages. This is a result of the employees love for their company and brand. There are many companies that talk the talk, but do they really walk the walk? Hanging a sign or preaching “customer comes first” or “the customer is always right” doesn’t mean anything unless they truly act on the philosophy and love their customers. Any sales representative could be your best friend while working to close their next commission check, but how many of them will still love you when you return an item due to lack of satisfaction? You can’t fake the love you give people around you, and those who truly learn to love have a stronger bond with their clients and have a greater ability to succeed. Love and be loved.