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In today’s world of business, consumers are inundated with thousands of messages and advertisements each day. This is formally known as Ad-Creep. Wherever you go you are consistently being solicited to, whether you know it or not. Walk down the street for a couple blocks and pay attention to signs, logos on shirts, logos on cars, billboards, the list goes on. Over the years, our minds have rewired and programmed themselves to ignore these messages and have eventually become background noise in our daily routines. The key to success is to differentiate yourselves from your competitors. But how do you do this without falling into the noise of Ad-Creep?

With the exponential growth of social media over the last decade, many businesses have used this as an outlet for low-cost advertising, purchasing pay per clicks and boosting their Facebook posts for optimal exposure. But what good does this all do, if your message is as dull as the last? What is your true value? How will you stand out? As Cathey Armillas & Jeff Berry highlight in their Award-Winning Book, The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing, they highlight the importance of creativity with any advertisement. Business owners and other professionals are so fixated with the vehicle that drives the message that they lose sight on what is more important, that is the message. Without creativity, your advertisement will not be noticed and your brand will die.

What does a creative message or advertisement entail? Well, ask yourself a simple question next time you see an advertisement online or on TV, hear one on the Radio or pandora, was it appealing? Did you want to hear the message, or was it just another interruption to your day? The trick is to identify what it is your audience want to hear or see. What will engage the reader/viewer to want to watch, read or hear your advertisement? What you’ll find, the most successful advertisements or messages utilize humor to engage their audience. Take a look at Allstate and Geico Insurance for instance, there is nothing extra-ordinary or funny about insurance, but these two Brands revolutionized how insurance companies market, from Allstate’s Mayhem Guy to Geico’s Caveman and Gecko. What other insurance companies can you think of? There are hundreds of competitors out there who also advertise, but why is it that these are the two names stand out? Both companies were creative in their message, utilizing the same medium for advertisement, and were able break through the noise, standing out against their competitors. They managed to use humor while still remaining relevant with their message. Geico’s Gecko, Allstate’s Mayhem? On both occasions you think insurance and know exactly what product these competitors are offering.

What is your brand? How can you utilize humor to stand out from your competitors without losing relevance? Creativity is the key to your success.